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Closing Ceremony Performance of 2018 The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang-“Beijing 8 minutes” ---Powerange finished “impossible finishing” task
- 2020-06-04-

    Powerange took a task upon Chinese Olympic Committee in Oct of 2017 that providing power for LED and Robot in “Beijing 8 minutes” of Closing Ceremony performance of 2018 The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang which should deliver the goods before Nov of 2017. As the LED power need to be customized, as well as it need to work under lower temperature (-25℃ in Pyeongchang at that time) and have to design, test and finish it within two months, we never produced this kind of power before, it can be called ”impossible finishing” task. So Powerange teams have to overcome difficulties to do it day and night.

    Our purchase department rapidly purchased cells, it only took 5 days from cell factory to our factory. Meanwhile our R&D department begun to design and made sample to test, we only took three weeks from sample to finished goods by all workers hard working.

    We never produced this kind of special power, the most challenge is working in lower temperature, generally the working temperature of camera battery is -20℃-+55℃, but as Pyeongchang located in mountain area, the temperature is very low, then lower temperature will speed up battery damping and not boot. In order to solve this problem, our technical department tested more materials more times, then put power into ice-cabinet, finally sending test center of Beijing to test and get certificate of working lower temperature.

    The best character of this customized power is working in super lower temperature, and working long time, also mini size. We adopted special materials and paid more attention to each details, for example, the output terminals, case of power, insulation inside and so on, so that assuring the successful performance.

    We also got more lesson and experience from this customizing power, it has made good base for making more special power. We will go on technical cooperation with others and study advanced technology national and overseas, then try our best to  get more progress in making and research of customized lithium ion battery and power.





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