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Developing Of Customized Power In Powerange
- 2020-07-07-

From logo customized to power customized, great changes happened in Powerange customizing business, Powerange open the customized business from customizing logo in camera battery for TV station and some VIP customers. In 2018, Powerange is honored to accept two big projects, one is forBeijing 8 minutes showin Closing Ceremony of Winter Olympic Games Pyongchang what we supplied power for thirty robots and Panda Prop, the other is customized flying light battery in SCO Qingdao Summit Light and Firework show. Powerange not only enjoyed great appreciation, but also got big succeed in customizing business by excellent quality. Then we constantly made waterproof battery for Sanxia Coming Backand multi LED power forXian Datang Furong Garden and other different equipment power for many companies.

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Address: Changning Building, Fengtai District, Beijing

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