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AGV power for Robot(SIASUN)
- 2020-06-04-

    With the progress in time, “no-touch” delivery way is playing important role in people life. Which will be more widely made in different fields, nether saving human cost, nor safety even COVID-19 drawing forth new things. Powerange accept new assignment again for exploring AGV power with lithium ion cells. Lead-acid cell was adopted in AGV before, but comparing to lead-acid cells, the advantage of lithium ion cell is remarkable. Just as lithium ion battery used in broadcast field before, this is first time used in Robot AGV, it not only need our engineers test more times, but also keep the stable of li-ion battery. After testing more times, Powerange launched AGV power. It enjoyed high praise by SIASUN as its stable performance. This Robot AGV is with “can” communication connection, car class of BMS, accurately SOC, the statistical precision interval less than 4%, we broke through customized power communication problems.


    Powerange can customize power for new model Robot proudly, the customized power will become new cooperation direction between Powerange and SIASUN, also will be mainly business of Powerange. Meanwhile we also has get some orders to solve big and moveable equipment power.

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