Product Details


Capacity14.8V 10.4 Ah 149Wh



USB Output5V/1A

D-TAP: 10A max 12-16.8V

Output current:10A max

Work temperature : -20°C +55°C

Type: Li-ion battery G-mount for Panasonic

Cell brandSanyo & Panasonic 

Charging timeabout 340mins

Powerange charger optionsPL-3680B, PL-3680D, PL-3680DM PL-5680, PL-1680A, PL-4680A, PL-5680A, PL-6680A

Product Feature:

Mini size square design G mount battery;

Lithium ion rechargeable battery, no memory effect.

With intelligent control protection circuit to keep the battery from the damages caused by over-heat, excessive current and extended charge/discharge, and the other multiple protection.

D-TAP and five pins both made of high-temperature-resistant material, Both USB and D-tap outlet with rubber cap to prevent dust in.

Adopt embedded part between battery case and inside parts, Stainless steel screws make the battery structure more firmly and stable.

With USB output. Available charge for phone、IPAD and mobile terminals and emergency LED lights.

Built-in 4 LED power level display.

Adopt new label sticking method. The high strength and transparency acrylic cover protect the label from damage. And realize customized plan for VIP customers more conveniently.


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